Home Based Business Vs Working a Job-Career In This Economy – Where’s the Real Security?

It never ceases to amaze me that people base their security in jobs. There’s no such thing as job security. Anytime you work for someone else, I don’t care how much your boss likes you, how well you do your job, or how well or poor the economy gets, you’re always looking at an income cap and one pink slip away from possible financial devastation.Things change. People change. Circumstances change. The economy changes. Life happens.Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me?”Well, today more than ever, men and women need to evaluate their situation and their options for insuring financial security for their families. They really need to understand that if they seek true financial freedom, it’s up to them personally, to create it and keep it. And I’m not talking about a job where it could be gone tomorrow. I’m talking about making a decision to be their own boss in which they hold all the cards.I’ll be the first to tell you that not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship, however, there’s a great deal of people who have entertained the idea throughout their lives and it’s these people I’m talking about. Some have acted on those dreams and perhaps have failed, and then others have thought about it but have never taken that first step.What is it that has people so frozen in their dreams of home business ownership, that they stay in a broken work force? They seem so sure that their security is in their jobs, when it’s actually the other way around. Security is in working for yourself, being your own boss. But because we are taught from childhood how to be good employees, dreams of entrepreneurship are quashed and most people lack the skills and belief system it takes to be successful in that arena. And, because of that, would-be entrepreneurs never achieve all that they were destined to be. This is a tragedy.Let’s put entrepreneurship v. a job in perspective here and do a quick comparison.WORKERS/CAREER ORIENTED/EMPLOYEESThis group of individuals invest thousands of dollars on education and give up years of their life to classroom study to be able to enter their career field where they become enslaved. From this point forward, these workers will be told what to do for the next 40 years. It will be dictated as to how much they can earn which determines when, where and for how long they vacation, the type of car they drive, the home they live in, and the effects ripple down even to the food on the table and gifts under the tree at Christmas. Oh, and now they have school loans to pay for years.HOME BASED BUSINESS OWNERS/ENTREPRENEURS/NETWORK MARKETERS This group of people invest trivial amounts of money (in comparison to a college education, I’m talking a couple hundred to a couple thousand, no big deal) in an opportunity, generally a network marketing or MLM company, they spend a relatively short amount of time learning skill sets, perhaps attend a seminar or two, begin on the job training immediately, enjoy the privilege of tax write offs, and best of all, does not get up to alarms clocks every morning to shower, shave and shine to head to the rat race. Nobody tells them what to do, what to wear, what they can earn, where they can vacation and their time is their own and there is no such thing as an income cap.If people would put their fears aside about being their own boss, they would be able to sit back and assess the situation and their options in a more rational way. When you look at the two comparisons, doesn’t business ownership make better sense all the way around?So, the question these Moms and Dads have to answer as they scratch their heads searching for answers to their financial security is whether they choose Plan A, stay in the work force or Plan B, take control of their life through a business of their own. There is no Plan C.Isn’t it worth rolling up your sleeves, learning some skill sets on how to effectively market online, choose a product and industry you are passionate about and create wealth from home? If you’re one of those individuals who carry the entrepreneurial spirit deep inside, it’s something to think about because it’s here, in the home business industry, that one will find the real security.